Registration is temporarily on hold while we assess the feasibility of offering this program. 

Dates:  June 15-26, 2020
Where: University of Missouri - St. Louis 
Fee: $700 early bird rate for Levels I & II, $525 for supplemental course by May 13, 2020
$750 for Levels I & II, $550 for supplemental course after May 13, 2020

Three graduate credit hours option available for an additional fee.

Housing is available for participants.

Orff Schulwerk certification is offered in conjunction with the American Orff Schulwerk Association (AOSA). Levels I and II will be offered this summer, as well as a Special Supplemental Class titled "Holding Space: The Gestalt of Orff Schulwerk." This program of study is for anyone with music training who wishes to acquire basic knowledge and pedagogic skill in the Orff Schulwerk philosophy. Included are rhymes and poetry, movement and singing games, vocal and instrumental development, recorder, elemental forms, major-minor pentatonic scales, and improvisation.

Level I
(Pedagogy: Donna Massello-Chiacos, Movement: Kate Webster, Recorder: Julie Blakeslee)

Level II

(Pedagogy: Brian Burnett, Movement: Kate Webster, Recorder: Julie Blakeslee)

Supplemental Class, "Holding Space: The Gestalt of Orff
(Roger Sams)

Prerequisite: Completion of Level II at UMSL or another accredited program

Gestalt means wholeness. A Gestalt approach to change recognizes that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Orff Schulwerk teaching, at its best, comes from a place of wholeness. In this course, we examine the ways in which an Orff classroom is a place for children to experience, if even just for a moment, their wholeness in the midst of their demanding lives and a broken world. Simultaneously, we will heighten our awareness as to the ways in which this approach to teaching impacts the teacher in ways that create movement toward wholeness. This course will be life-changing.

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The Orff Schulwerk program at the University of Missouri - St. Louis is accredited by the American Orff Schulwerk Association.