Please contact your director for details regarding the meeting schedule and mode of instruction for your ensemble.


IMPORTANT: The University of Missouri–St. Louis requires the wearing of face coverings by all students, faculty, staff and visitors – including contractors and vendors – when entering or occupying a physical building or facility owned, operated or managed by the university.


Practice Rooms will continue to be available for percussionists in the AAB. Please continue to coordinate practice times and locations for percussion practice with Professor Matt Henry.

Practice Rooms are available for other music majors on the fourth floor of the Music Building. There are 8 practice rooms with pianos available and the building is open from 8am-6pm daily.


Students must be registered in either applied lessons or a Music Department ensemble to use practice rooms.


Practice rooms are small, shared spaces with limited air exchange that present safety concerns. Due to this, there will be limited use of the practice rooms, with specific conditions. We know that practicing is important, and we are sorry to limit use, but safety and health must be our top priority.


  1. Practice Room use is limited to students who are enrolled either in applied lessons or in a Music Department ensemble.
  2. Only two students are allowed in each practice room. No visitors.
  3. Students are expected to clean their space before and after using a practice room. 
  4. Practice rooms should remain empty and unoccupied for at least 30 minutes between practice sessions in order to allow ventilation to recirculate air.
  5. Wear a mask when entering and exiting the practice room.
  6. Wash/sanitize your hands before and after using the practice room.
  7. Clean all high-contact areas with provided cleaning supplies. For pianos, please spray cleaner on a paper towel and then wipe. Do not directly spray instruments with cleaner.
  8. Leave provided cleaning materials in the room.
  9. Properly dispose of any used sanitation materials.
  10. Students must bring their own music stands; no music stands will be provided in practice rooms at this time.
  11. Practice rooms will receive daily cleaning each morning by facilities staff.
  12. Do not move or tamper with air purifiers. Windows may be opened for more ventilation and fresh air but please close the windows before you leave as this may damage the pianos.

Practice room use is considered a privilege during this time of pandemic. Any student found violating these conditions will have their privileges immediately revoked.

We are trying to have more in-person events this semester. Campus covid protocol must be followed. Your ensemble director and applied lesson instructor will have more details.

We hope to maintain an active streaming presence at

Your "classroom" classes in the Music Department (music history, theory, aural training, class piano, music education classes, etc) are meeting with a variety of modes of instruction -- some are fully online, some are hybrid, and some are completely in-person.  If you have questions about the mode of instruction for any of your classes, please contact your professor for more details.

We must all be flexible and understanding with these new protocols. We will continue to keep abreast of ongoing research relevant to music study and performance during this pandemic, and we will continue to work with University administration to keep everyone as safe as possible. Please understand that, as new information arises, these protocols could change suddenly and without warning.

We must count upon one another to keep each other safe and healthy. Please be a thoughtful and caring member of our UMSL music community.

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