May 9, 2014


The Department of Music's annual "Instrumentalists vs. Vocalists" softball game took place this afternoon on the baseball field just south of the music building.  While the bright sun tried desparately to interfere with both teams' stellar fielding abilities, the game would not be stopped.  Even suffering hardships like warmth, brightness, the occasional cool breeze, and an inconsistent strike zone (manufactured by umpire, Dr. Jim Henry), the players on both teams put forth their strongest efforts to make this event enjoyable for the countless (we're musicians, which means we only really count to seven) fans in the audience. 

The teams competed for the much-coveted "Ott Trophy," donated by UMSL's beloved former music theory professor Dr. Leonard Ott. 

Year after year, the Vocalists have proved to be the dominating force in Music Department softball, taking home the Ott Trophy every year for the last ten years.  The Trophy has been proudly displayed in Dr. Henry's office, and Instrumentalists are often made to show respect by kissing the Trophy upon entering said office. 

softball6   softball5

The Vocal team showed up in their brilliantly designed matching T-shirts, looking very athletic.  The Instrumental team, however, showed up in a hodge-podge of unmatching, non-color-coordinated T-shirts, and pants of varying lengths.  One team member (Dr. Zachary Cairns) even showed up 90 minutes late wearing khakis and dress shoes. 

But it is this reporter's opinion that the Instrumental team was simply dressing in a questionable manner as a distraction technique.  While both teams exhibited considerable prowess at the plate, strict baserunning discipline, and sound defensive fundamentals, the Instrumentalists had apparently been holding secret practice sessions, usually after orchestra rehearsal, to fine-tune their game.

It paid off, as the Instrumentalists ended their 10-year drought by defeating the Vocalists by a score of 39-18.  (Yes, I know that looks more like a score you'd expect from a football game than a softball game, but these teams are JUST THAT GOOD.)  The Ott Trophy will now reside in Prof. Gary Brandes' office for the next year.

Congratulations to all those who took part in the game, whether playing or cheering on their favorite players from the stands.  Next year, we will see whether a new crop of Vocalists can reclaim the Trophy, or if we have truly entered a new era of Instrumentalist dominantion.

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