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Scholarship Opportunities

UMSL has recently re-located all of its "named" scholarships (the Presser scholarship, the Stroh scholarship, etc) to a centralized location called Academic Works.  Any student who has been admitted to UMSL may fill out an application online.

Instructions can be found here


St. Louis Symphony "IN UNISON" Scholarships

Additionally, the "IN UNISON" Scholarships, offered through the St. Louis Symphony, also have a paper application, which can be found here.

Criteria for awarding of performance-based scholarships:

Qualified applicants may be eligible for scholarships in the Department of Music.  These scholarships are typically awarded to students on the basis of an audition. The results of this audition are used to determine the amount of a student's scholarship. For music majors, the results of the entrance audition are used to determine scholarships. For non-music majors the requirements of the music ensemble scholarship audition are somewhat less formal.

The student is requested to. . .

1. perform a selection of choice that demonstrates the student's performance level on his/her chosen instrument

2. demonstrate level of sight reading

3. offer any letter(s) of recommendation in support of the student's musical background and potential

4. participate in a personal interview.