The University of Missouri - St. Louis offers three different ensembles for singers:  University Singers, University Chorus, and Vocal Point

For membership in University Singers,
The student will be asked to
1. sing a selection of choice OR sing My Country Tis of Thee OR vocalize from low to high
2. demonstrate the level of music reading ability
3. demonstrate level of tonal memory
4. participate in a personal interview
For more information regarding University Singers auditions, contact Dr. James Henry, Conductor. 
(314) 516-6607;  (

For membership in Vocal Point,
The student must first be a member of University Singers.
The student will be asked to participate in a special audition process during the first week of classes in the fall semester.
For more information regarding Vocal Point auditions, contact Dr. James Henry, Conductor.
(314) 516-6607; (