To schedule a percussion audition, please contact Prof. Matt Henry at (314) 516-7970 (

Entrance Audition Requirements

  • Snare drum
    • Rudiments - Demonstrate at least 6 rudiments.  Rudiments should be played from open (slow) to closed (fast) and back to open, demonstrating control, endurance and proper sticking.
      • Required Rudiments: Double-stroke roll, Multiple-bounce roll, Flam tap.
      • At least three other rudiments of your choice
    • One solo or etude on snare drum (rudimental or concert style), demonstrating technique and musicality.
    • Sight reading
  • Pitched percussion (xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, timpani)
    • Scales - Major scales and one form of minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic), two octaves in eighth notes at quarter note = 100 (on xylophone or marimba)
    • One solo or etude on a keyboard percussion instrument or timpani, demonstrating technique and musicality.
    • Sight reading (on keyboard percussion)
  • Auxillary percussion
    • Demonstrate basic ostinato patterns on the following small percussion instruments:  Claves, Maracas, Guiro
  • Encouraged Additional Options:
    • Demonstrate knowledge of and playing ability of other percussion instruments including, but not limited to the following
      • Drum set
      • Congas
      • Keyboard improvisation