Percussion Ensemble

The Percussion Ensemble performs twentieth century compositions written expressly for percussion instruments, as well as transcriptions of more well known works. From a pedagogical orientation, the Percussion Ensemble is an integral component of the multidimensional, comprehensive percussion training offered at University of Missouri-St. Louis. On the one hand, the individual student's weekly private lesson deals in great detail with concepts and issues of technique, musicality, and performance; in complementary fashion, the Percussion Ensemble serves as the "workshop" within which those concepts can be most fully explored and musicianship most thoroughly developed. While the experience of rehearsals and performances with such large organizations as orchestra and symphonic band are invaluable for the performing percussionist and critical to the training of the music educator, the Percussion Ensemble is a unique and vital element in the training of all musicians involved.

The Percussion Ensemble members are also members of the Afro-Cuban Ensemble which explores musical techniques, styles and traditions from the Caribbean, Africa and South America.

The Percussion Ensemble is open to all students by audition and consent of the instructor.

For additional information regarding scheduled concerts/activities, performance availability, and audition times, contact:

Matt Henry, Director of Percussion Studies
Office: 314-516-7970