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Ahoy there ye landlubbing scallywags!

Ye be summoned to partake in UMSL Opera Theatre’s The Pirates of Penzance!

Oh there will be plenty-o pirates, star-crossed lovers, renegade mermaids, intrigue and hilarity.

We take our silliness VERY seriously and have asked pirate expert Dr. Mark Hanna to shiver our timbres in a pre-concert lecture.

Blimey, there will be no walking of planks on this sea adventure - only a guaranteed evening of musical frivolity!

So, bring your booty where X marks the spot.

And by X we mean the Touhill PAC Lee Theater! Argh!

Pre-show lectures begin at 7:15p.m. for 8p.m. performances and 2:15p.m. for the 3p.m.

Tickets can be purchased at




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